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Hi everyone, I'm Amy!

Amy from Amy's Animals Shop

You may already know me from my YouTube channel, Amy's Animals!

I've been collecting Sylvanians since Christmas 2007, when my parents got me the Grand Hotel as they wanted me to have a dollhouse. Instantly, I fell in love with these adorable animal figures with their idyllic village setting and my collection has grown to nearly 1000 Sylvanians and 80+ buildings.

When I was 12, I started making stop motion animation videos with my Sylvanians. It was just a hobby but then my mum gave me the idea to start a YouTube channel, and in 2018, I did. 4 years later and I have grown my channel to over 4K subscribers.

Now, in 2023, it was time for another exciting idea: starting our own online store selling Sylvanian Families!

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