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Meet gorgeous Pammee, the Fennec Fox. She is part of the much loved and best selling Yoohoo range. Alice is now featured on YooHoo to the rescue: a Netflix original series. This is a fabulous series of magical missions, in which a quick-witted YooHoo and his can-do crew travel the globe to help animals in need. The range of YooHoo's will charm you with their new, vibrant colours, Soft bodies and bushy tails. To achieve an unique crystalized effect, The trademarked big and sparkly eyes have also been redesigned by industry leading designers. Pammee is a White Fennec Fox, with soft Pink accent colours. Now you can take Pammee with you wherever you go with this adorable Pammee the Fennec Fox Key Clip.


Yoohoo Pammee Keychain

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