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Celebrating the King's Coronation

The Sylvanians are having a street party and parade to celebrate the King's Coronation next week! The Baby Band is marching down the street and you may even get a glimpse of the King himself in the Royal Carriage.

To celebrate the Coronation we have a special offer for you: 10% off the Royal Carriage and the Royal Princess Set! 👑 Get yours while stocks last.

The Marguerite Rabbits from the Easter Celebration Set are also great for this special occasion as they are dressed up for a party.

Here's sneak peek at my street party set up before I share it on my YouTube channel next week:

The sets that we sell at the moment that are used in this set up are:

Royal Carriage

Royal Princess Set

Easter Celebration Set

Sunny Picnic Set

Fennec Fox Family

Cycle & Skate Set

Cycling with Mother Set

Kangaroo Family

Hedgehog Family

So if you like what you see then shop now on our website!

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Chloe Schofield
Chloe Schofield
Dec 29, 2023


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