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New in this month!

We've been looking for some exciting new items that compliment Sylvanian Families well and we've found these!

Mini Brands

These surprise minis are fun to open and collect! So far, we have grocery and foodie minis, and a convenience store that you can build and display your minis in. We also have unicorn squad capsules which contain a unicorn, accessories, stickers and slime!

They're so much fun, I had to get some for myself. Here's how I set mine up:

Funko Bitty Pop

Bitty Pops are mini Funko Pops! These are also really fun to collect. We have 4-packs which contain 3 pops, a mystery pop, and a display shelf. Display shelves can be stacked together. Also we have blind bags too! You can see how I set these up in my Mini Brands store in the photos above.

Here's how they look when you stack them together:

My Little Pony

Celebrate their 40th Anniversary with these retro-style ponies!

I used some accessories from the Sylvanian Families Pony's Vanity Dresser Set with My Little Pony!

Polly Pocket

There are lots of Polly Pocket sets to collect! How cute are these?

Have fun collecting!

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